NASPC 2002


When the John Tolle, NASPC president, asked me to again do their show blend for 2002, I was extremely honoured. But, what would it be? Southern Star was quite a hit, and so was Southfarthing, so I chose to stay within the loose constraints of a "Latakia blend."

For Southlinch, I started with both Cyprian and Syrian Latakias to provide smoke, spice, leather and a slightly piney character. Red and bright yellow Virginias were then added for a little sweetness, a little citrusy zest, and some backbone for the spice to hang onto. Finally, several types or small leaf oriental tobaccos were generously layered into the mix for their exotic spice, and a slightly verdant quality.


When the tobacco was tinned, it was already beginning to come together, to smoke well, but this one has some legs, and will certainly benefit from extra time in the tins. For those fortunate enough to attend this year's NASPC show, always a wonderful event, I recommend picking up a couple of tins - one to smoke, and one to cellar. This one will really show it's true colours after 2-5 years.

Once again, my thanks to C. D. Regan of MaelstromGrafx for the wonderful illustrations that I assembled for the label.

NOTE: This blend, like all the NASPC special editions, was produced for the pipe show in Columbus, and sold out very, very quickly. This page is provided for historical purposes only.