NASPC 2001


Southfarthing, the NASPC 2001 show blend, is quite a different tobacco from last year's Southern Star, the first blend I did for the show. I wanted to develop something with a little more body and deeper, slightly more assertive flavours, while keeping some of the spice and the more exotic nature of Southern Star.

I started with a base of matured red and mahogany Virginias, added a healthy layer of Cyprian Latakia, and punctuated the result with a good measure of fine orientals, and a bit of beautifully sweet, champagne coloured bright Virginia. Finally, a bit of black steamed, unflavored Kentucky Green River added a little more texture, and some subtle, bittersweet notes that provide a nice roundness to the blend. It all comes together in a delightful, full bodied blend that's not overpowering.


The tobacco was blended well in advance of the show, and allowed to age in bulk for several weeks. Then, it was tinned and aged an addional several months, to develop a little extra complexity, a little "bottle bouquet."

I guess it was a hit - it sold out at the show in no time! My thanks to C. D. Regan of MaelstromGrafx for once again providing the wonderful illustration.

NOTE: This blend, like all the NASPC special editions, was produced for the pipe show in Columbus, and sold out very, very quickly. This page is provided for historical purposes only.