Southern Star

NASPC 2000


Southern Star was produced for the NASPC 2000 show in Columbus, Ohio. The blend started with a generous portion of fine Oriental leaf, to which a combination of Syrian and Cyprian Latakia were added. Golden, red and bright Virginiaswere then added for structure and a hint of natura sweetness. A small percentage of excellent white Burley was incorporated for a little extra body, a more weighty mouth-feel, and just a dash of the finest perique was added for its wonderful piquant spice.


The blend was allowed to marry for several weeks in bulk, and was then tinned well in advance of the show to ensure an excellent smoking experience.

My deepest thanks to Scott Smith for the superb illustration, and to the NASPC for this wonderful opportunity and great honor.

NOTE: This blend, like all the NASPC special editions, was produced for the pipe show in Columbus, and sold out very, very quickly. This page is provided for historical purposes only.