Several grades of wonderful flue-cured leaf, from soft yellow to deep red, are combined with just a touch of dark-fired Kentucky for a little added richness. A special process, recovered from ancient archives, provides the finishing touch to this wonderful blend. Naturally sweet, and possessing subtle complexity, Montgomery presents delightful new dimensions for the lover of sophisticated Virginia blends.

Montgomery was released in March, 2005.


A sturdy foundation of Virginia tobaccos, each chosen for its particular character, is enhanced with fine flakes of perique for a refined smoking experience. Telegraph Hill is rich and flavorful, with a satisfying, lingering finish. Each sip builds upon the last, creating a marvelous edifice of taste and aroma. You won't worry about earthquakes if your pipe is filled with this wonderful blend.

Telegraph Hill was released in May, 2005.


Named for the famed winding, twisting street in San Francisco, Lombard starts with a base of red and bright Virginias. It is then enhanced with American “condimental” leaf, including an angel's share of perique. The twist in this Lombard? A delicate breath of Cyprus Latakia is added for a whisper of smokiness and a slightly deeper flavor. A gentle introduction to Latakia for the Virginia smoker, or just a delightful change of pace.

Lombard was released in August, 2005.


An alluring assortment of exotic oriental tobaccos is generously blended with bright and red Virginia leaf. Finally, just enough Cyprus Latakia is added to provide an alluring smokiness, resulting in a tobacco that can best be described as a light-medium Balkan mixture. This is the blend for gentlemen with a Bohemian spirit and a sense of adventure.

Ashbury was released in October, 2005.


Rich, ripe, red leaf forms the base of this wonderful Virginia blend. The flavours are deep and round, with a smooth, natural sweetness, and subtle notes of orange peel, roasted oats, leather and peat. The smoke develops richness as it progresses, delivering a long, clean finish that is never cloying or syrupy, with hints of malt and grapefruit. For lovers of darker, natural, unstoved Virginias.

Laurel Heights was released in March, 2006.


A thick-sliced broken flake in the Scottish tradition. Ripe red Virginia tobaccos are combined with a generous measure of fine Louisiana perique, and then pressed to marry the components and deepen the flavors. The cakes are sliced and gently broken before tinning. Fillmore presents an elegant sweetness and delightful piquancy, enhanced by a creamy richness that develops throughout the bowl. Sit back, and enjoy a lovely, leisurely smoke.

Fillmore was released in June, 2006.


Rich, ripe red virginias are combined with top-grade Izmir leaf, pressed and aged in cakes, then sliced into flakes and tinned. The result is a wonderfully fragrant, natural blend with subdued sweetness, more brut than demi-sec, delightful toasty flavors, and hints of nuttiness and roasted coffee. Satisfying and refreshing; a comforting smoke, with enough complexity to keep it interesting.

Embarcadero was released in July, 2007.


The latest entry in the Fog City Selection, and our first 100% virginia tobacco, Union Square is a blended sliced cake of high-grade flue cured leaf, from beautiful, sweet brights to deep, earthy reds, without the added sugars, sauces, flavourings and top-dressings common to many other VA flakes. It is rich on the palate, with the clean sweetness of natural tobaccos, a pleasant room note, and a delightful finish. For those seeking a pure virginia experience, this is the one to try.

Union Square was released in May, 2009.

The Collection

Each of the blends in the Fog City Selection begins with a base of choice Virginia tobaccos ranging from bright lemon yellow to deep red. Fine spice tobaccos - piquant Louisiana Perique, rich dark-fired Kentucky, smoky Cyprian Latakia, and exotic Izmir oriental leaf - are used to enhance the flavors and develop the deeper complexity that is the hallmark of an exceptional blend.

My Thoughts

From the light, delicate nuances of Montgomery to the rich character of Fillmore and complex temperament of Embarcadero, these blends offer a range of unique experiences anchored on excellent Virginia tobaccos. Lombard brings small quantities of Latakia and Perique to the party, while Ashbury could almost be considered a light English style mixture. Purists might take exception to the inclusion of condiment tobaccos in Virginia blends, but, I would counter that there is actually a long tradition of this practice, and encourage them to give these a try.

The Future

All of these tobaccos have long legs, and will age beautifully for many years, and even decades. In the first six months or so, the flavours will continue to integrate, and over the first two to three years, more dramatic changes will take place. As with all fine tobaccos, the most benefit will be gained after five or six years in the tins, with their evolution slowing after that.