Wolfgang Becker

Wolfgang is a wonderful pipe maker, drawing inspiration from some of the old and contemporary Danish masters, including Lars Ivarsson. Though the influence is apparent, Wolfgang brings his own stylistic interpretations and innovative ideas to his work, producing pipes that are uniquely his. Notice the silver ring inlayed into the end of the shank on the sandblast pipe in the photo; what a wonderful addornment! When I picked the pipe up in Chicago, I couldn't put it down. I HAD to buy it!

Wolfgang's pipes are skillfully and lovingly crafted from excellent briar. His mouthpieces are thin and comfortable, making these pipes a delight to clench between the teeth, or to hold in the hand. The smooth is an exquisite indication that not all incredible briar has to display perfect straight-grain! A photo simply can not do this pipe justice. One doesn't have to spend much time with Wolfgang to know that he is as passionate and enthusiastic about about his pipes as he is about life itself. It's a great pleasure to know such a kind and gentle man, and his wonderful wife Gitta, and to have some of his art in my collection as a perpetual reminder of his delightful spirit. (Also shown is a rarely seen original tamper, a gift from Wolfgang when he and Gitta recently visited California) To learn more of this fine maker's pipes, see his page.

wolfgang becker