Paul Bonaquisti

Paul has been making pipes for quite a few years, and his workmanship reflects this. His style tends toward an Italian influence, inspired by his heritage, I'm sure, but he brings something else to his shapes to make them his own. Most of his pipes are quite large by my standards - he makes the pipes he likes - but they are never out of proportion. He's got a special flair with squat straight and bent bulldogs, and one day, I'll add one of those to my collection. His pipes smoke wonderfully (read the review), and he's developed quite a following. Anyone who meets Paul will instantly want one of his pipes. I've not decided whether it's because he's such a great fellow, or that people buy out of fear of finding a horse's head in their bed if they don't open their wallets. He makes the best Manhattan I've ever had, and is one of the funniest guys at any pipe show. The pipe shown below was so beautiful, I'd have bought it instantly even if Paul wasn't a friend. Once I picked it up, I just couldn't put it down!

Visit Paul's website for more.

This little gem of a canadian is just right for me. It's a little larger than a Dunhill group 4, measuring 5.75 inches in length, and not quite 2 inches tall. The tortoise shell acrylic stem is beautiful, and the silver ring is a wonderful touch. The blast is exquisite, as I hope can be seen in the photo. It's been a great smoker from the first bowl, and has quickly become a favourite pipe! After only 6 bowls, it's darkened considerably. I wish I'd taken a photo before I smoked it, but I just couldn't wait...

It's becoming a tradition, at least a tradition of two occurrances, for me to get one of Paul's pipes when I see him at a show. I returned from the CORPS show this year with this amazing bent bulldog. The lines, the flow, the balance of this pipe are absolutely exquisite, a perfect example of how beautiful this shape can be. Again, a fantastic smoke. I wonder what the next one will be...