26 December, 2001 It's been a while since news was posted, and news there is! First of all, I am very pleased to present some wonderful pipes by Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen and by Brian Ruthenberg. Brian is a newcomer to the world of pipe making, and shows amazing talent. Søren is a veteran, but his pipes have not been imported into the US for many years. I'm very pleased to represent the work of these two wonderful craftsmen. On the tobacco front, Stonehenge Flake, a joint effort between G.L.Pease and Gawith Hoggarth & Co., will be released in late January, as will Odyssey, our latest, fullest Balkan blend. I hope the new year brings abundant blessings to all of you. It certainly promises to be an exciting one for GLP!
19 September, 2001 On 11 September, America, and the world, was shaken by the tragic action of terrorists. As I as I was contemplating the horrors of this event, drifting through the surreal haze that wove in and out of my consciousness, I found myself wondering what I could do to help, what we as a community could do. A lot of people are, and will be, effected by this tragedy. What can we do? An call came in from my friend Ernie, back east, asking, why not a tribute blend? A couple phone calls later, the ball was rolling fast. I called Craig and Patty immediately, since their crew will be doing the tinning and order fulfillment. They were instantly ready to go, ready to do whatever was necessary to get this going. We're working towards getting the blend out by mid-October. People are rallying with amazing support. You can pre-order the tobacco from Cornell & Diehl. (More Details...)
5 September, 2001 Well, the NASPC show has come and gone. Sadly, I wasn't able to attend in person this year, but I was certainly there in spirit. I made the special show blend again this year, this one being "Southfarthing," a fuller English style blend than last year's "Southern Star." I'm told the 250 tins that were produced sold out quite quickly. I'm currently working on a couple new blends for general release. No hints, but they're coming along nicely... On the pipe front, a few Kents arrived, and many of them sold nearly immediately. This guy's work is fantastic, and getting better, however that's possible. I've added a "Gallery" to the Peter Heeschen page, to preserve for posterity some of his beautiful pipes that have come and gone.
14 August, 2001 My buddy Bear sent me an image of a fantastic British Airways advertisement. I just HAD to put it up for all to see!
10 August, 2001 I could regale you with endless tales of my tortuous move, sing my lamentations about having WAY too many boxes cluttering my new living space, wax proudly about the new office space that I just completed building, or tell you that a bunch of new Kent pipes have just arrived. I suspect I know which thing you'll be most interested in, so have a look at them... Prices to come soon.
17 July, 2001 More BACKORDERS...I've had a little trouble getting one of my Virginias, but it's on the way, and I can begin blending as soon as it gets here. I suppose this should be considered a "positive problem," since it means the demand for GLPease tobaccos is high, but it sure caught ME by surprise! On other fronts, I've lowered the prices on some of the estate pipes. I'll be putting a few more up soon, as well.
7 July, 2001 Everything has arrived, Haddo's has been blended and shipped, and backorders should be filled within the next couple of weeks. Let's hope THAT doesn't happen again! I launched a FAQ page tonight. It's a little sparse, but I hope it will grow into something truly useful at some point.
29 June, 2001 First, the bad news...due to backorders of perique, and increased demand, Haddo's Delight is now on backorder. Many dealers are currently out of stock. I'm really sorry. The good news is that my perique supplier has assured delivery soon, (it's on the truck) so the backorder condition will only prevail for a little while longer.
14 June, 2001 A complete redesign of the site. Pfew! There are still a few things to do, some details to work out, but it's up, it works, and it's quicker and easier to navigate than the old one. Best of all, the new architecture allows easier expansion. I'll be adding more content soon - more articles, more pipe reviews...
31 May, 2001 Caravan is shipped! It will begin to reach stores next week. I've heard that many stores have backorders already, so who knows how long it will stay on the shelves, but I'll TRY to keep the pipeline full! I can't wait to hear how people like it!
28 May, 2001 Some new pipes by Peter Heeschen and by Kent Rasmussen have been put on the site. This is a wonderful batch of pipes! I have also listed a group of Estate pipes. Enjoy!
18 May, 2001 I've added a link (on the LINKS page, curiously enough) to Jon Tillman's wonderful on-line Tobacco Review database. Thanks, Jon, for a great service to the community!
4 May, 2001 The new blend is called Caravan, and there's a page up for it. Things are on schedule for shipment to begin early June. I can't wait for everyone to have a chance to try this one. Of course, I'm a little biased, since it's my newest "baby," but I 'm lovin' it!
1 May, 2001 Wow! What a show we had in Chicago! I managed to get a whole 12 hours of sleep over the 4 days I was there, but everyone knows I do't go to shows to sleep. There were too many highlights to list here, but a couple of things really stand out. Meetng Peter and Kent was a great joy. Peter's outgoing personality and warmth were well suited to the spectacle of the show, and everyone loved him. Kent was a little overwhelmed by the crowds and the attention, but maybe now he'll believe me when I tell him how much people appreciate his magnificent pipes - he heard it often enough from others at the show. Another real thrill for me was the time my friend Toren and I spent with Tom Eltang. Tom's pipes are beautiful, and his passion for the art is obvious within mnutes of meeting him. His stories are wonderful, and I learned a lot about the history of some of the Danish pipe masters from him. And, then there's Reiner Barbi, who is always entertaining and educational. He shared his thoughts on briar and pipe making, captivating a few of us until 4am. It goes on and on - far too much for this space. Thanks to everyone who made this show such a wonderful experience for me! Oh, the Balkan blend was also very well received! Thanks to all who tried it and commented! Expect it soon.
25 Apr, 2001 I'm running about madly in final preparation for the Chicago show. I'll be arriving sometime tomorrow evening. I can hardly wait - this show promises to be the most exciting yet! If you come to the show, stop by for a bowl, and meet Peter Heeschen and Kent Rasmussen. See you in a couple days!
15 Apr, 2001 The Heeschens and the Kents have arrived for the show. This is a stunningly beautiful bunch of pipes! I feel blessed beyond words to be fortunate enough to represent two such extraordinary pipe makers. They are also wonderful gentlemen, and the friendship that has developed through our association means more to me than I can say. I'm excited about the new Balkan blend I've been working on for SO long. I'm now confident that I'll be able to preview it at the show, and will be releasing it in May. It's big and full, presenting loads of Latakia flavor, and lots of wonderful layers from all the Orientals. Just a bit of Virginia provides structure and balance. Yep. I'm liking this one a lot...
1 Apr, 2001 This morning, I burned my entire cellar of tobacco in ritualistic offering to Ishtar. The veils have been lifted, and I have finally found the spiritual truth I've been seeking for most of my life. So, this afternoon, I donated my entire pipe collction to the Hare Krisna Benevolent Society and Thrift Store. I've decided to take what little money there is in the GLP bank account and move to a small village in Kashmir, where I will spend my time divided between contemplation and hunting wid bore using only sharpened bamboo stakes. I'm sure this news will catch many of you by surprise. But, it's a new month, and this just seemed like the appropriate day to make let y'all know what will be going on. You better get what GLP tobaccos you can now, 'cause shipments from Kashmir are bound to be painfully tardy, as they must first make it to the slow boat via Yak train. I'm so sorry...
29 Mar, 2001 I've been working on this pet project for a while, a monsterous, in fact a BEASTLY Latakia/Balkan mixture. I've code named this one Beelzebub for the time being. I'm pleased to say it is now VERY close to what I would consider a "finished blend." The distance between the idea and the manifestation of a blend is always unpredictable. I suppose, in some sense, I've been working on this one for about 3 years. It's fuller than Raven's Wing, and not as sweet. It's really predominantly Latakia and oriental tobaccos, with just a bit of some red Virginias to give it structure. It's spicy, full flavored and devilishly complex. The hard part was ensuring that the flavors would hold up through the entire bowl! I'm very pleased with the current prototype, and will preview it at the Chicago show, and release it some time in May.
1 Mar, 2001 Barbary Coast! The labels are done, the tobacco will be tinned next week! Several dealers have pre-ordered! It always takes a little while for new ones to get into general distribution, but I'll be making lots of phone calls over the next couple weeks...it's a pretty exciting time. And, it's not long until the Chicago Pipe Extraveganza is upon us. I'm really looking forward to it. Peter Heeschen and Kent Rasmussen will both be at the show with me. I can hardly wait!
23 Feb, 2001 It's a couple weeks behind schedule, but the final work is being completed on my newest blend, Barbary Coast. I'm really excited about this one, and early reviews have been extremely positive! It'll start wending its way to dealers' shelves within a couple of weeks! (One of these times, I'm going to get a blend out on TIME!)
3 Feb, 2001 Enough people have asked for my pipe reviews to be put on the site, so I've done it, and have added pictures in most cases. Have a look!
1 Feb, 2001 It was only a matter of time. After nearly three years of facing yearly cost increases from suppliers, I am finally forced to raise prices. I put it off as long as I could. Effective today, the suggested retail price of all current blends is $8.25. When you take into consideration the fact that I pack a full 2oz of smoking pleasure in the tins, which is 13% more than the now common 50g, GLP is still an excellent value in the world of premium tinned blends.
29 Jan, 2001 I've been working on a couple of new blends. One is a wonderful Burley/Virginia/perique blend. I'll be describing this one in more detail soon, and plan on a February release. The other is a big secret for now....The editors of Pipes & Tobacco magazine have graciously allowed me to republish their reviews of my first blends, which appeared in the Summer 2000 issue. Thanks, Chuck!

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