15 Dec, 2000 The site has been reorganized slightly, and a couple of new features have been added. The Comoy dating article and the Sasieni Pages have been moved to "Pipe Stuff." Also in Pipe Stuff can be found a "Work in Progress" on the classic shapes, links to Peter Heeschen's and Kent Rasmussen's superb pipes, and some estate pipes I've decided to put up for sale. Have a look!
11 Dec, 2000 Pfew! Seventy retail stores and counting - it seems the word is getting out! The popularity of Haddo's Delight continues to grow, and the comments are wonderful! Thanks so much to everyone who has written to tell me how much they enjoy all the GLP blends. It's certainly been an exciting 10 months! Two big projects are still in the works, and I hope to be able to make some announcements within a few weeks. And, once again, thanks for your support, and for all *you've* done to help my little business survive its first growing pains!
29 Nov, 2000 Just a little update of the site, with some small corrections I also added a very nice article by Phil Webb on why he smokes a pipe. Check it out on the articles page.
14 Nov, 2000 Well, the Sacramento show has come and gone - small, but was a barrel of fun! Let's hope this becomes a regular event! On other fronts, we've added still more dealers - the list keeps growing! There are some interesting projects in the works (that's called a teaser). Suffice to say that I'm really excited about some things, and can hardly wait to make a couple of big announcements...
2 Oct, 2000 The Sacramento Pipe Show is comingup! Please come and support the first Northern California Pipe Show in over 10 years!
27 Sept, 2000 The CORPS show was a blast, and my side trip to North Carolina was beautiful, and mostly restful. There are still some Kent and Heeschen pipes left, which can be seen on their respective pages. I've added links to my reviews of these fine pipes on the pages, too. The new Two Friends tobacco, Heritage, was met with rave reviews. Finally, Barclay Rex in NY is now a dealer of GLP tobaccos, which is very exciting news, at least to me! It's raining here, so I'm going to go grab a pipe and enjoy the weather!
27 Sept, 2000 The biggest news is that of the new Kent pipes which will be available at the CORPS show in Richmond! I've added some preview photos to tease, taunt and tantalize you! Have a look! There are some really magnificent pieces here!
22 Sept, 2000 Two new dealers joined the family today, and I'm thrilled! There are now 54 GLP dealers in 25 States - just a few more than the 6 we started with! Thanks to all of you, and to all of my dealers for being part of the growth of my little company!
8 Sept, 2000

Haddo's Delight is slowly but surely wending its way to dealers shelves. There were some initial supply problems with one ingredient which slowed things down, but I'm catching up! If your favorite dealer doesn't have it, have patience. If they haven't heard of it, tell 'em to get on the ball and order some! ;)

The Columbus show was a blast. The NASPC tobacco, Southern Star, appears to have gone over very well, and they sold out early. It's an honor to participate in the fund-raising process for such a worthy event. Both Peter's and Kent's pipes were very well received, and I came home with far fewer than I left with. Peter and Kent are pleased, and so am I.

17 August, 2000 These are indeed exciting times! I have received most of the new pipes by Kent Rasmussen that I will be premiering at the NASPC show in Columbus! Rather than blather on about these lovely pipes, have a look at the preview page! Haddo's Delight will also be unveiled at the show, so be sure to stop by for a taste of this new blend, and to pick up a tin of this or any of the other GLP tobaccos. The show is just a bit over a week away, and I can hardly wait!
4 August, 2000 Well, the new blend is finally nearling release, which will probably happen at the Columbus show. Okay, I know I said it would be late-July... A few new dealers have been added to the family. And, speaking of Columbus, I'll have 43 Heeschen pipes at the show (assuming they all make it here from Denmark in time!), and there are some real beauties!
22 June, 2000 Development of the new blend, code named Haddo's Own, is nearing completion, and I've added a page for it with a description. This one will appeal to those seeking a somewhat stouter weed for their pipe. Perhaps the name will change, perhpas not!
13 June, 2000 A new recipe is currently under development, and I hope to release it in late-July. It's a stout Virginia blend with quite a healthy spiking of perique and a touch of air-cured leaf. No orientals in this one! It's coming along quite nicely, and will be welcomed by perique lovers. I've also added "Out, Damn Spot" to my articles page. This originally appeared in Pipe Friendly, and discusses a new method of re-freshing a pipe; a must read for estate pipe collectors.
25 May, 2000 The Raven has landed, sporting a new label design! There are a few new dealers on the list, with a couple more on the way. I'm really excited about the reviews in the current issue of Pipes & Tobaccos of the first four GLP blends, as well as the Two Friends line that Craig and I developed. It's quite an honour, and mom is very proud!
18 May, 2000 Whew! The Raven will be flying next week! Finally, everything is in place, and early dealer orders will begin shipping Monday, only 2 months after I had originally thought I'd get it out! I'm glad I took extra time to really fine-tune the blend, and hope everyone else agrees that it was worth the wait.
8 May, 2000 Okay, it's been over a week. Sorry. The good news, though, is Raven's Wing! The labels are at the printer and the first batches are blended. Already there are more back orders from dealers than I can count, but I'll be burning the "midnight tobacco" to fill the supply line quickly. A few people have had a chance to sample the blend before its release, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. You can read about the blend here.
17 April, 2000 A few Heeschen pipes were left after the Chicago show, and though several have been sold since, a few nice pieces remain. You can see them here. If you would like to purchase one of these excellent pipes, please email me for more information. Raven's Wing is a little behind schedule, but will released in May. More dealers have been added to the list, so have a look for on near you. There's more news on the horizon, so check back here in about a week!
15 April, 2000 The Chicago show was, as always, a great experience. It's always wonderful to spend some time, though far too brief, with rooms full of find pipes, fine tobaccos, and, most importantly, fine pipe people. Peter's pipes were very well received, as were the new blends, especially Cairo, which sold out Saturday by 3pm! I've spent the week trying to catch up,and am almost there. Thanks to everyone, sponsors, exhibitors and atendees alike, who made this show the fabulous experience it was! I can hardly wait for next year's!
3 April, 2000 I'm very pleased to announce that I'll be representing Peter Heeschen at the Chicago Expo. Peter is a wonderful pipe maker, and the seven that I currently own are among the finest smoking pipes I've ever had. I'm honoured to represent such a wonderful craftsman, and true gentleman. Over thirty pipes will be presented. You can see a preview of the pipes here. Please note that the prices shown on the page do not reflect the US Customs fees, which add roughly $6-9 per pipe.
30 March, 2000 Two more dealers added to the list, with tobacco on the way! These will be the last dealers added until after the Chicago show, which promises to be a spectacular event, with attendees and exhibitors coming from all over the world! I'm certainly looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Just about a week to go, and I'm as excited as a kid going on his first holiday!
20 March, 2000 More new dealers added, and still many more to come! I've finally put the finishing touches on a new Virginia/oriental mixture, Cairo, which, if the stars are auspicious, will be unveiled at the Chicago show. Work progresses on Raven's Wing, which I hope to release in the mid- to late April time frame. It's a Latakia monster, but still well balanced and loaded with subtleties.
28 February, 2000 I'm pleased to announce the launch of the Two Friends tobaccos. These blends are the result of a collaboration between Craig Tarler, of Cornell & Diehl, and myself. The blends have already started finding their way to dealers and the response, so far, is quite positive. The Two Friends page tells the whole story, so be sure to have a look. I'm also happy to say that Cornell & Diehl will be handling sales and distribution of G. L. Pease tobaccos. This is very exciting for all of us, and will allow us to reach a wider audience, and give pipe smokers everywhere easy access to the blends. I am looking forward to a long and happy working relationship with these fine people.
24 February, 2000 Finally, the first tobaccos are being shipped, and the stuff will be wending its way to the listed dealers over the next couple weeks. I've given up predicting how long it will take to get anywhere, so please be patient! The first release is of Mephisto, Samarra and Renaissance. Raven's Wing will be coming in March, and another blend I'm working on will be revealed soon. The Piedmont Tobacconist and Sherlock's Haven have received theirs, as I hand carried it to them today.
5 February, 2000 Several dealers have signed up and pre-ordered tobacco, and these will be listed on the DEALER page when official release is nigh. The first release will consist of Samarra, Mephisto and Renaissance. Raven's Wing will be released later in March, along with another new blend, to be announced later. [Blew that one! -glp]
31 January, 2000 Well, there's not a lot of news, except that today is the launch date of this site, and the first public announcement of the new brand. It's a pretty exciting time for me.