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31st July, 2006: Posted by glpease in General News

This is a replacement to my old html based news pages. All of the 2007 news has been ported, though the earlier stuff, if anyone cares, is still in the old format. They can be reached at http://www.glpease.com/News2006.html, News2005.html, and so on.

There are two nice features now available. One, probably most useful, is the ability to subscribe to this via RSS. Scroll down to the “Meta” section, and you’ll find two links. One allows subscription to content, the other to comments. Not all entries will allow comments, but for those that do, you can be informed via email when new ones are posted. You’ll see a comments form if they’re allowed, or the text, “Comments are Closed” if not.

The other spiffy thing is the search form that allows the user to search the archives for entries containing keywords. If, for instance, you want to see everything about Westminster, stick the word in the box, and push the search button. Brilliant. Lemon squeezy, even. If you don’t know about RSS, there’s an article on my main page giving an overview. It’s really quite cool…