Not Quiet Nights - Not Contest

22nd March, 2010: Posted by glpease in Product News, New Blends

For those who have seen the comments in the previous post, this won’t be a surprise. What might be is that I’ve also received a flurry of email over the past few months in which people have told me they weren’t excited about the name, Quiet Nights for the new blend in the Old London Series. Fine. Few have indicated why they don’t like it, but why is often hard to know in such things. Why? doesn’t really matter. (Stan Getz’s smoky sax playing and Astrud Gilberto’s sultry crooning come instantly to mind when I think of Quiet Nights, but that’s just me.)

More than one person suggested a naming contest. Not a bad idea, and if it was earlier in the process, I could do it, but it’s down to the 23rd hour, now. The new blend is going to be released very soon, and I’ve got to finish the label art so I can get it off to the printer, so that the stuff can start flying off the shelves once it’s ready. [Hopeful thoughts, mine.]

A real contest would require general announcements long in advance, so people had time to read about it, think about it, and submit their entry. There would be some sort of formal selection criteria, and a way to tabulate results, resolve conflicts in the case of multiple entries, and a ration of legal disclaimers to keep lawyers off my back in the event of someone feeling that their entry was dealt with unfairly. There would have to be formal entry requirements of some kind. And, there would have to be a guarantee of a winner. I don’t have time for all that, and, since I’ve already got an alternate name in mind, there may not be a winner. So, this can’t be a real contest.

Instead, I’ll do a Not Contest. If you have a suggestion for the name, submit it in a comment, and tell me, in 50 words or less, why you think it’s a good name - a better name than Quiet Nights. If I choose your name over my alternate, you’ll get a free tin, public acknowledgement of your creative genius, and the eternal adulation of your peers.

To help get the creative juices flowing, here’s the description of the blend.

X - rich, deep, contemplative. Ripe red virginias, fine orientals, smoky Cyprus latakia, and a pinch of Acadian perique are pressed and matured in cakes before being sliced. The sophisticated flavors and exotic aroma provide a wonderful backdrop for quiet moments of reflection, a good book, and if you are so inclined, perhaps a wee dram.

You’ve got until Sunday, 28th March, 2010, to submit your entry. How’s that?

154 Responses

  1. Mark Oldstrom Says:

    Misty Reflections (after your article “Reflections in the Mist”) would be congruent with your description of the blend and in keeping with the “Old London” group.

  2. Rick Hibbets Says:

    Two suggestions. How about TWILIGHT COMPANION? Could be referring to the tobacco, or a person you’d like to meet at that time of day… If a non-British reference is ok, how about SAVANNAH EVENING? I can imagine lighting up the tobacco you described on a warm, breezy Savannah night.

  3. Brad Starcevich Says:

    I think “Gentlemen’s Club” is most appropriate. It suggest a collective of civilized men gathered in the evening to partake of conversation and their favorite evening smoke. Additionally, when one thinks of the “Gentlenmen’s Club” in it’s true sense, one naturally thinks of old London. Just my $0.03 worth. In any case, I can’t wait to try the new blend. Best regards, Brad Starcevich.

  4. Mike Stutzman Says:

    “Eagle and Child,” after the Oxford public house where the Inklings (Tolkien, Lewis, et al) met. A place for deep thought, a drink, and certainly a pipe or three.

  5. Dunedain Says:

    Ok, I really like Quiet Nights!

    After all, not only does it fit in the “series”, but it also is the name of the great Miles Davis jazz album of the 60s! But, if that is not to be, then perhaps “Summer Night”, which would keep all the “feeling” and also the jazz-as it was recorded also by Davis in 60s!

    Oh, another point for “Quiet Nights”! It is the name of a Diana Krall album! ……

  6. K. A. Adams Says:

    Quiet Nights is fine

    But if you want to change it …… How about ‘ Vespers ‘ ?

  7. Roger Veitch Says:

    I really do not mind Quiet Nights. My choice would be Chelsea Evening, a nice way to end a Chelsea Morning.

  8. K. A. Adams Says:

    Sorry I couldn’t figure out to edit my post but I would add : In Anglican circles Vespers is also known as Evening Prayer

    Another word for it is Evensong

  9. Eric Cioe Says:

    Evensong is a pretty good name. I was going to suggest Eventide, but Evensong is better.

    Part of me would suggest naming it based on some piece of British literature, either a direct reference, or a character or quotation.

    What about Molly Bloom? You keep continuity with Chelsea Morning with a female first name. Of course Molly wasn’t a resident of London, but Dublin back when had their pipes, too. Then again, Molly was a bit of a … well, with the goings on in chapter 16, I’m not sure you’d want to name a blend after her.

    So my vote is for Evensong.

  10. don1688 Says:

    Here’s a couple. Thinking of something that makes me think of late night smoking, times I’m alone with pipe and Latakia. Nightfall, Darkness of Night, Dusk to Dawn.

  11. Eric Cioe Says:

    Two minutes later, I’m changing my vote to Nocturne.

  12. Atif Zia Says:

    Old London Bridge
    - because it conjures some images of really old, medieval London… I’m sure a pipe or two were smoked along its foot paths

  13. frenchy Says:

    “Night Whispers”
    I find it suggestive…
    It evokes a deep quiteness…
    Sat in our armchair, the streetlights playing with the streaming of the rain on the window, listening to the night…
    A scene of an old English thriller…

    (sorry for my bad English, I am French!)

  14. Jon Burton Says:

    First: big fan of evensong, or Vespers related naming…
    “Nightshade’s Call” for the goth-leaning route
    “Abendank” German-ish inspired word, from german for “night’s thoughts”
    “The Wanderer” after the Character in Wagner’s Ring Cycle, Wotan (an Odin like character) as a mortal thinking on the fate of the Gods, and pondering the effects of his (mis) deeds.
    I’ll keep thinking…this is fun!

  15. ChrisHarps Says:

    Je penserai, à Aldwych Smog ou Ealdwic Smog.
    Ceci n’a rien d’exotique, mais Ealdwic est le nom de l’ancienne ville de Londres, aujourd’hui Aldwych. Le Smog étant le mélange épais de brouillard et de fumée, célèbre à l’époque victorienne et rarissime de nos jours. Lorsque je pense aux vieux Londres, à l’époque victorienne, c’est cette ambiance feutrée, tamisée (Tamise)et enfumée des ruelles, qui me vient à l’esprit.

    Bonne pipe.

  16. Arve Schaug Says:

    What about Gentle Giant?
    Giant means something bigger than normal,and I suppose this tobacco is gentle too.London might also be seen as a gentle giant

  17. Pavel Says:

    Blue Moon…..well …..voice of Billie Holiday….

  18. Pat McDermott Says:

    In keeping with the London theme, and noting one of the more prominent aspects of that great city, how about Night On The Thames-

  19. Stéphane Biais Says:

    “De profundis”

    I’m reading the descritpion of the blend, and these words come to my head.
    First, you tell “deep’ in thise description, and i imagine the taste like it by his components.
    Second, “Old London series” make me imagine old movies with yellow picture, a dark thames, Jack the ripper, old english club where gentlemen smoked pipe… so deep memory, deep water, deep human nature !

    Sorry for this bad english,
    Stéphane, a french pipe smoker.

  20. Jon Burton Says:


    You can call it Nocturne, just make sure to rub it out first. ; )

  21. Jon Burton Says:

    Or, wait…I mean…press it in cakes first?

  22. Jon Burton Says:

    How about…

    “Constellation” Something that you might gaze upon, on a “quiet night” while puffing away, lost in recollection.

    “Odin’s Balm” of “Balm of Odin’s Ash”

    -Legend tells that a salve which would heal all physical wounds could be made from the leaves of Yggdrasil, the Great Black Ash, the “World Tree”. This dark leaf smoking mixture is a cousin to the contents of the legendary Balm of Odin’s Tree. It is said to soothe all ills of the mind and spirit. A great aide in times of contemplation, it is prized for its illuminative properties and its composition is a coveted formulae. -

    “A Light in the Darkness”

    how about…
    “Kipling’s Councilor” and on the tin put a riff on “If”. He WAS a Brit!


  23. Jon Burton Says:

    ok…Last one. Maybe ; )

    Surrey Sunset

    To stick with the English/time of day thing.

    Well, “Council of Kent” sounds nice too.

    ok, im done. promise.


  24. Jon Burton Says:

    Man, I am SUCH a liar!!

    “King’s Repose” a name I gave an aftermarket blend I made once.

    All that relate to “London”

    “Kenwood House”, or Kenwood House Retreat” - Kenwood House, the former stately home and a popular location in the summer months where classical musical concerts are held by the lake, attracting thousands of people every weekend to enjoy the music, scenery and fireworks-

    “Whitechapel” - 3.4 miles East of Charing Cross ;)

    “Bishopsgate” - West of Whitechapel

    “St. James’s Park” - the oldest park in Westminster ; )

  25. Joseph Greenfield Says:

    -Silent Realm
    -Night’s Intrigue
    -Lunar Interlude
    -Evening Repast
    -Evening Whisper
    -Twilight Journey
    -Evening Sojourn
    -Mystic Evening
    -Evening Daydream
    -Knightly Presence

  26. John Opalio Says:

    why not “Evening Tattoo” Day’s done, lights out (or low enough that the First Sergeant can’t see it), no loud talking, time to think back on the day.

  27. Ramon Says:

    I’ve got to admit that I’m not a fan of the “Quiet Nights” name either. To me, “quiet nights” means something like “nothing is happening”. If one were to read deeply into it, one could possibly extrapolate it to suggest ED ;-) More seriously: someone suggested “Night Whispers” - that’s probably more along the lines of the relaxing music the name made you think of.

    If you wish to keep some consistency in the names of the “Old London Series” tobaccos, given that the first one (IIRC) is called “Chelsea Morning”, it would seem like a good idea to give the subsequent tobaccos in that series names that refer to English locations, possibly associated with different times of the day (noon, evening, night, afternoon, the very British “tea time”, etc.). With this in mind, the above “Surrey Sunset” is an excellent suggestion IMHO. It even sports an alliteration.

    Good luck with the name decision - whatever you end up calling it, it is pretty obvious from the description that you’ve got another winner there :-)



  28. glpease Says:

    Wow. You guys are coming up with some wonderful stuff. Bear in mind, it’s got to be memorable, evocative, easy to pronounce, and distinct from other blends, either mine or another company’s. One or two words are better than five,. And, since the series is called “Old London,” it’s probably not going to have London in the blend name. Nor is it likely to be something associated with a completely different part of the world. Jon might get a prize just for his enthusiasm. ;)

    So far, I’m liking a few of these. This is going to be harder than I thought. And, it’s only Tuesday…

    Oh, and enfumée des ruelles, smoky alleys. I like that, but it isn’t nearly as poetic in English.


  29. Ernie Says:


  30. Cptaz Says:

    Quiet Nights is fine, but it seems too flat and nondescript to go with a G.L. Pease mixture, and also evokes a certain xmas tune whenever I read it. I really like Nocturne, partly because I find Chopin’s Nocturnes to be the perfect accompaniment to a late night, deep, complex smoke. It suggests night, sounds mysterious and somewhat exotic and makes me want to sit back in a big old chair reflecting on the day.

    Samples would be helpful for pinpointing the most fitting name, of course.

  31. Ed Anderson Says:

    Evening Pleasure. Because that’s what it sounds like. :-D By any name I look forward to smoking it.

  32. Darren Trejo Says:

    Evening Solace

  33. Ulrich Schuessler Says:

    Quiet Nihgts seem fine, but for me, as already mentioned above, flat, an old man needs a quiet night, perhaps, so Nocturne -but why the the connection to Chopin - it’s a new mixture made by G.L PEASE!
    I should agree to ” Night Whispers”: inspirative -most of my ideas I get with a good mixture at night! NIGHT WHISPERS - it seems misterious, the name keeps you searching for a new taste in this
    mixture, for the absolute highlight of smoke, when you are relaxing…

    Sorry my English has lost

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  35. Andrew Says:


    Try that on for size. Everyone knows what it is, everyone can pronounce it, and I do not know of anyone that does not think of candlelight in a nice nostalgic way.

  36. Andrew Says:

    Hey and for a tag phrase you can say it’s “Canned Delight!”

    OK, I’ll get my coat now. :)

  37. Dan Says:

    So many good non entries already. I’d like to submit this for your consideration. Oxford After Hours. To me this brings to mind a picture of professor’s and students sitting by an evenings fire discussing the great mysteries of life all enjoying a pipe full of your new blend.

  38. Matt Miller Says:

    Well a nightingale sang in berkeley squre. Nightingale

  39. Javierchu_cai Says:

    St James Nighthawk

  40. Javierchu_cai Says:

    I also would like Oxford Nightawk or Cambrigde Nighthawk.

    but I think that the Oxford After Hours of Dan is quite good!!!

  41. Matt Miller Says:


  42. Shad Says:

    I’ve liked Quiet Nights from the first mention but I’ll throw my hat into the ring with a few suggestions.

    Lunar Elegy
    Celestial Voyage
    Shadows Repose
    Evening Sojourn

  43. Bob Silverman Says:


    As you know, this is the shorthand for Oxford and Cambridge Universities when one refers to them as a kind of institutional type. It may be that there should be an additional word after “Oxbridge” such as “mixture” or even “Nights” What else do faculty do at night but read? Well, I better not answer that!

  44. Pedro Jorge Says:

    Nightingale which means ‘night songstress’. It goes with the whole night and music theme and because the nightingale is an old world bird it goes with the “Old London Series”. Just my 2 cents.

  45. Pedro Jorge Says:

    BTW I like Quiet Nights.

  46. Smokey the Werewolf Says:

    There are some great submissions here. I really like Vespers, Evensong, and Nocturne.

    A couple others that I came up with and really like are:
    “Hazy Vigil”
    “Evening Reverie” (except for that there’s a C&D called Reverie and several “evening” blends out there)
    “Gaslight Serenade”
    “Dusky Reflection”
    “Hypnotic Sonata”

  47. Sheldon Says:

    Midsummer Night’s Dream - I have no objection to Quiet Nights other than it isn’t as poetic as it might be. But “Old London” puts me in mind of Shakespeare, and the blend description puts me in mind of Midsummer Night’s Dream; the play, the Mendelsohn (music/ballet) and the idea of a smoky rumination. There is a famous Nocturne in that as well! Perhaps too long a title…?

  48. AllenH Says:

    Hmm… great suggestions!! Can’t have London in the name?!?! Shoot. :)

    I have a lighthearted suggestion (still ruminating on names myself), how about:

    Dusk Upon Dingley Dell

    (the contraction of ‘pon works better in the name)

    I have a video to go along with it…

    Of course the video is meant to be light hearted. Dingley Dell is taken from The Posthumous Papers Of The Pickwick Club. :)

    How about Snodgrass’ Respite ? ;)

    Still thinking!!

    Of course Dingley Dell was 15 minutes ride from London if I remember right, so technically, might be inappropriate for a London series name.

  49. Matt Miller Says:

    to my above suggestion of nightingale you could add song and Knightsbridge could be Knightsbridge club.Matt

  50. AllenH Says:

    The Watchman’s Solace ?

  51. AllenH Says:

    Hmm… more info about watchmen… and link to england: The Watch and Ward - were the police force from 1485-1800’s

    - The Watch and Ward

    Thinking along the lines of breaks…

    - The Watch’s Respite

  52. mario persico Says:

    Dark Ages


    Valkerie Maiden


  53. mario persico Says:

    Vicars Prayer

    Vicars Whisper

  54. brandon marquette Says:

    How bout Slumbersmoke??

  55. Bruno (France) Says:

    Because of the jazz vibration I would like to find in this tobacco (and because a deep blue is a nocturn color), I suggest :
    - blue note
    - ’round midnignt.

  56. Mark Oldstrom Says:

    Using some of the previouis ideas:

    Oxbridge Evening
    Evening Solace
    Night Train

  57. Mr. K Says:

    Two names occur to me. I think thier places are evocative of Old London and suggest a certain mystique:

    Whitechapel Stroll


    Canterbury Inn

  58. Pat McDermott Says:

    Perhaps as a shameless homage on one of Greg’s own musings along a waterfront, Thames Mist, or to honor those gentlemen who used to bring light to the Smoke, as London was called in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Lamplighter’s Choice.

  59. Joseph Greenfield Says:

    I wasn’t sure if my posting went through yesterday…here’s a few that come to mind..

    -Silent Realm
    -Night’s Intrigue
    -Lunar Interlude
    -Evening Repast
    -Twilight Journey
    -Evening Sojourn
    -Mystic Evening
    -Evening Daydream
    -Knightly Presence or Knightly Present
    -Enchanting Evening

    Good luck with picking a name…there are many good suggestions here. All the best…Joe Greenfield

  60. Jon Burton Says:


    How about: “Tower’s Reprieve”

    In the olden days, in the cold and lonely Tower of London prisoners who were awaiting their fate in their cells would smell the comforting and intoxicating aromas from the pipes of the Yeomen of the Guard walking their posts below. When asked what their final request would be before their sentence was carried out, more often than not, the answer was “a tinfull of whatever them guards are smoking, and enough time to finish its contents, please.” Now, from Old London Towne, we proudly bring this…

    “X - rich, deep, contemplative. Ripe red virginias, fine orientals, smoky Cyprus latakia, and a pinch of Acadian perique are pressed and matured in cakes before being sliced. The sophisticated flavors and exotic aroma provide a wonderful backdrop for quiet moments of reflection, a good book, and if you are so inclined, perhaps a wee dram.

  61. scottbtdmb Says:

    How about “Diogenes Club”. In keeping with the Old London theme and the Quiet Nights theme, this of course refers to the club that Sherlock Holmes’ brother Mycroft frequented, in which anti-social Londoners gathered to smoke, read, or nap in complete silence. If you were caught talking, you were given a warning and after three warnings, you were banished from the club.

  62. Jeffrey Grossi Says:

    “Sunset along the Thames”

    When I think London, I think the Thames - that title evokes wonderful images for me.

    good luck

    thanks for the non-contest,

  63. Bob Silverman Says:

    Let me add another to my first–

    Evening Reveries

    I thought of this when reading about Jacques Rousseau’s Reveries of the Solitary Walker

  64. vic Says:


  65. Jon Burton Says:

    vic wins.

  66. Jimbo Says:

    As suggested elsewhere Greg - to continue the London theme with mayfair evening.

  67. Richard Friedman Says:

    variations of the current name


    or if you want to have reference to a London locale


  68. Jimbo Says:

    BTW - some thoughts for later in the series:
    Lambeth Walk
    Hampstead Afternoon
    Marble Arch
    Regent’s Park
    Tower Bridge
    St. Paul’s
    South Bank

  69. Matt Miller Says:

    waterloo sunset

  70. Mark P Says:

    West End Evenings - It goes along with the District/Time of day pattern that was set by Chelsea Mornings and the West End is the place many go at night to watch theatre. Similarly:

    - West End Evenfall
    - West End Eventide
    - West End Gloaming
    - West End Twilight
    - West End Dusk
    - West End Nightfall
    - West End Theatre

  71. KimB Says:

    Thames Mixture.

    I also like Belgravia suggested above.


  72. Jim Kopp Says:

    Greenwich Dusk

  73. frenchy Says:

    glpease says: “Oh, and enfumée des ruelles, smoky alleys. I like that, but it isn’t nearly as poetic in English.”

    in french we don’t say “enfumée des ruelles” but “ruelles enfumées”, and “enfumées” evokes a fire smoke or a cigarette smoke, not the fog…

    I think “ruelles embrumées” is better but it doesn’t sound as poetic as “smoky alleys”!

    if you want an “exotic name” (what? France is not exotic??! ;-) ), I propose you the translation of my first entry: “Night Whispers” is “Les Murmures de la Nuit”!

  74. Cyl Says:

    I think “Nocturne” - with or without an “s” at the end (”Nocturnes”) should be a nice choice. Refers to the Chopin’s Nocturnes, but also, in french, to those moments associated to a peaceful night.

  75. Leodagand Says:

    I propose :

    “Bayswater Gentleman’s smoke”

    which gives the acronym : BGS… Bee Gee ’s, disco fever for Mr Pease !


  76. Gargamel Says:

    “Peppered moth”

    Those night-flying moths, that usually enjoy to fly lazily around lamps by summer nights, when you are having a quiet moment in your garden, looking at the night and enjoying a peaceful pipe.
    It will sounds a bit mysterious, poetic and dreamlike, but still strong and flavoured.

  77. Signoftime Says:

    I think this tobacco is the melting of two nations and a hommage to the heart of british feeling & Cyprus Spirit. So the name :
    Heart of Kition

    Kition was the first name of Larnaka.

  78. Martin Says:

    Cosy Evening…

  79. Javierchu_cai Says:

    London Nights

  80. Eric Says:


    Evening Stroll

  81. Neill Says:

    Hey Greg,

    Personally I love “Hyde Park” - The place is the essence of quite reflection, beauty, and dignity. It’s also a bit dangerous - like your tobaccos tend to be. It is a thing of beauty, but one must respect its dark places.

    I also think that Lambeth Bells would be lovely, but it is very much a London insider’s name.

    Speaking very tongue-in-cheek, I could really dig “Albert Hall” as well, especially given the play on words. I can’t imagine you wanting the baggage with that name, however.

  82. glpease Says:

    Some really wonderful suggestions coming through. But, some of you are ignoring the entry rules. “If you have a suggestion for the name, submit it in a comment, and tell me, in 50 words or less, why you think it’s a good name - a better name than Quiet Nights.”

    It’s not just about the names, here. I want the reasoning!

    And, there have been quite a few suggestions that are blend names already in use by other companies. For instance, if you type “Evening Stroll tobacco” into your favourite search engine, you’ll quickly find out that it’s a Benjamin Hartwell blend.

    Keep ‘em coming!


  83. glpease Says:

    One quick note.

    For reasons that I will explain later, the name “Nocturne” has removed from the running. I happen to really like it, and it was my first choice. I’ll explain the reason later, but, Nix on Nocturne.


  84. K. A. Adams Says:

    HMMM -

    I have a feeling that this thread is going to stretch out quite a bit longer until Sunday.

    I didn’t put much of a description into my suggestions because I thought the words were so evocative already

    When one thinks of some of the other blends which are proposed for this series: Afternoon Tea and Cocktail Hour, very clear and concise images come to mind

    I feel the same about Vespers or Evensong

    One can immediately put themselves in that place, seeing the warm glow of the candlelight reflecting off the ancient wooden pews, perhaps hearing a boy’s choir singing quietly in the background, feeling the mood of quiet contemplation, reverence and stillness

    The perfect counter balance to a day of gregarious conviviality

  85. Matt Miller Says:

    Temple Inn features in many victorian books esp Dickens, lawyers would stay over night at their chambers to think about the next days case.
    Waterloo sunset, every time i gaze at waterloo sunset i am in paradise (kinks)

  86. Benito Says:

    Dark Hours- In the most convoluted and deep reflections, a man has to choose the right vessel, one that won’t miscarry in those quiet nights.

  87. Anghirrim Says:

    Hi Gentlemen,

    Below are some names that may illustrate the reminiscence I got in my mind while reading the tobacco description given by GL Pease.

    If I read this potential name, I want to close my eyes and see me sat in a deep and soft armchair, in an old english lounge or office.

    As for “Chelsea Morning”, the first time I saw it, I was brought back to the old Chelsea, morning time with sunlight in the haze and the sound of a calash on the pavement…

    How about:

    - Vesperal thoughts
    - Dark lounge
    - Shaded lounge
    - Harvest moon

  88. Sylvain Hache Says:

    Let the Victorian reminiscences of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, ER Burroughs or HG Wells and walk us into the London streets that are not yet of electric nights and let us follow by a Silver Moon to guide our steps and our Spirit.
    I like “Silver Moon” for a pipe tobacco evening, a little Sherlock Holmes style!
    My compliments gentlemen!

  89. Hagen Says:

    For ever.
    All is said…

  90. Signoftime Says:

    Another symbol for this kind of British flair was the great transatlantic ocean liners, a bridge between the old England and USA.
    Gl Pease tobaccos symbolise the same way from British elegance & way of life to American creativity. Also:

    “White Star Evening”

  91. Swissfriend Says:

    -Quiet Dream
    -Exotic support
    -Traveler’s Dream
    -Blue Night

  92. Signoftime Says:

    Or perhaps a humoristic wink to Shakespeare inspire by this purple night colour/

    “Midsummer Night’s Realm” or “Midsummer Night’s Cream”

  93. John Herring Says:

    Nothing left to say so I’ll just say that Frenchy has a real winner.

    Night wispers

  94. Dondi Mapa Says:

    the description of the tobacco blend makes me feel like I would smoke it on a moonlit night when everything around me looks like a black-and-white movie, and so…

    “Moonlight Serenade”

    why? it reminds me of Glenn Miller’s smoky sax playing on the 1939 hit song, which I’ve always associated with romantic WWII movies set in London :-)

  95. Perney Says:


  96. Jon Burton Says:

    Dearest Gregory,

    I left off the pleas, and reasoning from my selections, in most part, because I don’t think that they are better that “Quiet Nights”. I love that name, and I am sure it “fits” the tobacco, which is sort of the challenge for me in naming it: I’ve never tried it! So, I think “Quiet Nights” is a great name for A tobacco blend, and probably it fits this one. That said….

    Those suggestions of mine that had…crappy paragraphs with them, sort of are my reasons for liking them, like the “Tower’s Reprieve” I think thats a neat little story, and makes me feel connected to the weed. And the idea that this tobacco is an “escape” from the pressures of the day is a nice image. I imagine that this is a very rich, and comforting smoke, and sometimes, an “image” of what you want “from” the experience can make you crave it, just because you want that “feeling” that the name implies.

    Uhm…that was more than 50 words…but, it covers various posts??? ;)

    Part of the problem with naming it about places in London, is that most of your market (I’d assume) has no personal reference to them. It’s just a name. Perhaps it will become a name they will love after they are familiar with the taste and aromas, and then they’ll be attached to it for that reason. So, perhaps something more universal, that imparts the feeling that the tobacco gives, while being under the evocative “Old London” series is best. It will make folks want to try it because they want the experience that the name promises…like…”Quiet Nights”?

  97. Joseph Greenfield Says:

    After revieiwing my list of suggestions, I feel “Evening Daydream” is my pick. The evening part obviously denotes nightime, perhaps semi-darkness and the daydream provides the contrast/paradox of the name, implying that one is perhaps puffing on this new creation, deep/lost in contemplation, under a moon-lit sky. I feel this name provides a cozy mental image of what lies ahead in the tin.
    Joe Greenfield

  98. frenchy Says:

    thank you john herring!

  99. Pat McDermott Says:

    Okay, so I got so carried away with the moment I didn’t read all the way through -
    The reasoning behind Lamplighter’s Choice is how I can see the fellows whose job it was to illuminate London every evening (and morning if the fog set in) enjoying a bowl of their favorite blend as they made their rounds, good weather or bad, to light those famous gas lamps.

    As for Thame’s Mist, as Greg noted (paraphrasing now) there is something special about the solitude of a misty stroll, one’s thoughts and the ever evolving character of the smoke as your only companions - and what better company could you ask for?

  100. Shad Says:

    Here is the reasoning for my suggestions plus a few more.

    42.Shad Says:
    March 23rd, 2010 at 19:23
    I’ve liked Quiet Nights from the first mention but I’ll throw my hat into the ring with a few suggestions.

    Copernicus - Like the Mathematician/Astrologist of the same name, it evokes a sense of night time wonder and contemplation of all that is supposedly known fact. He turned astronomy on it’s head by suggesting that Earth wasn’t the center of the universe but in fact the Sun was.

    Lunar Elegy, Celestial Voyage, Evening Sojourn - These exemplify nighttime in a warm almost romantic manner. Traveling under the moonlight, enjoying the sense of wonder of what is beyond our grasp.

    Shadows Repose - Dark but comforting, mystical and enchanting. A sense of melancholy as light drifts to dark. The day is over but not yet done.

    Widdershins End - Widdershins means to move contrary to normal, counterclockwise. The end of the day is coming but not if we can help it. Akin to burning the midnight oil.

    Bannister’s Call - Makes me think of a high Victorian home with a richly carved staircase and bannisters leading to the upstairs bedrooms. It’s getting to be that time of night but the book, pipe, and port are so good you must resist.

  101. Bob Tate Says:

    I like the name “Quite Nights”. But since you are looking for possible alternative names, I also like “Moonlight Sonata”. It is one of my favorite musical pieces and the name seems like it would fit this blend and keep in rhythm with your original thoughts as well. I am not sure if you could use the name or not though.

    This is why I think it fits; The “Moonlight” part is keeping with your original idea of “Nights” as it being nighttime and it sounds a little more romantic than “Nights”.

    The “Sonata” part comes in to play by one of the definitions of Sonata. Of course it refers to music, but here is one of the definitions:

    n. A composition for one or more solo instruments, one of which is usually a keyboard instrument, usually consisting of three or four independent movements varying in key, mood, and tempo.

    I think that this definition fits the tobacco components that are in a blend. In this new blend that you have, it contains Virginia, Oriental, Latakia, and Perique components. They are the one or more solo instruments AND the three or four independent movements varying in key, mood, and tempo.

    With a blend like this, I imagine that at times the individual tobacco components will stand out on their own, while at other times blending well into a unique harmonious balance.

    To me, “Moonlight Sonata” invokes almost the same mental image as “Quite Nights”. A nice, relaxing, quite time at the end of the day. Sitting alone with your thoughts and letting them wander with perhaps a bit of relaxing music playing in the background at a low volume.

    This is my reason on why I think “Moonlight Sonata” would fit this blend. Although I do like “Quite Nights” as well

  102. Chris Says:

    Well I suggest the followings:
    - Velvet Nights
    - Mitre Square
    - Fairy Fay

  103. Dan Says:

    Well after re-reading the rules I should state why I think my suggestion Oxford After Hours is a better name for this tobacco than Quite Nights. Quiet Nights to me does not bring to mind London or anything else English.

  104. Arve Schaug Says:

    What about a ride? Night Ride,Evening ride or Midnight ride
    In old London,I think of a carridge taking me home after a long day and evening,puffing and meditating to the rythm of the horse and the weels.
    (Quiet nights with quiet stars…)
    In this time,hopefully this tobacco will take us for a ride.What or where that might be.

  105. Bob Silverman Says:

    I don’t privilege my suggestions or find fault with others but you might think hard regarding the While Star Line, which has been recommended. Before he sank the Titanic, Capt Smith had an accident with the Olympic–both of the White Star Line. You are no Capt Smith, Greg, but why invite trouble?

  106. Jeffrey Grossi Says:

    “Sunset along the Thames”

    When I think London, I think the Thames - that title evokes wonderful images for me.

    good luck

    thanks for the non-contest,

    edit to add why it is better than quiet nights or why I do not like quiet nights: It just doesn’t fit the GLP lineup of tobaccos. For the most part, your tobaccos are named after places or alludes to places. Quiet Nights does not work for your brand - it seems out of place to me. Quiet Nights is a fine name, just not for this brand.

  107. Jon Burton Says:

    “The Rose of Crown Court” or “Old Bailey”

    Just around the corner from Central London’s “Old Bailey”, The central criminal court in Crown Court, was The “Tower Warden’s” Tobacconist. They had a blend that was so calming, and soothing, that it was favored by many of the Barristers, and Magistrates of the Court. In the Summer, wile the Chamber windows were open and the Judges would ponder their cases, the blends distinct aroma could always be enjoyed by those passing by the walls of the Court. This aroma gained the blend the nickname “the Rose of Crown Court”.


    “Utopia” a term invented by Sir/Saint Thomas More, Englishman and a resident of Chelsea, to describe am ideal and serene society. Fits mighty well I’d say!! There is a statue of him in Chelsea on Cheyne Walk by Old Chelsea Church that would look quite nice on the tin!! I can find smoke shops called this, but not tinned blends.

  108. Jon Burton Says:


    I’m sorry..I forgot the

  109. Moe Says:

    Vespers is sunset. I would think Greg is aiming more for a nightly theme, but that’s just my unreasoned impression thus far.

  110. Moe Says:

    Straying away from the Old London theme - and just for the sake of humour: Tweedy Twilight! How silly….

  111. Jon Burton Says:

  112. Jon Burton Says:

    Hahaha!! Please erase this mess and the ones before it. I tried to say that I forgot to keep it “less than 50 words” but I used the less than sign, and i think that it took it as incomplete code and didn’t put whats there…sorry!

  113. Bruce Says:

    A few more to consider. Staying with the London theme:

    Knightsbridge Vespers
    Battersea Sunset
    Silent Thames
    Whitechapel Canticle

  114. Carmelo Says:

    I propose “Ye olde bridge”, quite evocative of an old era, old victorian age and a smoke becoming a bridge to our dreams after a quiet evening.

  115. Jon Burton Says:

    I’m pretty sure I need help, I’m addicted to this thread. ;)

    I’ll be honest, and say this: When I heard the series announced, after I cleaned the mess I made from the excitement, I thought about…well…Dunhill.

    I didn’t really know what your original intent was in terms of riffing on those blends (EMP, Aperitif, Nightcap, etc.) but, the names of your blends, and the name of the series, made my brain infer that you were sending it a message of: I am riffing on Dunhill. “Old London” Series (Old Al from London) contains Chelsea Morning, my riff on EMP; Quiet Nights, my riff on Nightcap; Cocktail Hour, GLP’s version Aperitif. So, if that is TRUE, then these names are GREAT. Perfect even, and I wouldn’t change them.

    If that is NOT true then, well, maybe ALL the others should be changed. Except for Chelsea Morning, cause its too late, and is already a LIVING LEGEND in my mind. Seriously…thank you for that BACCY!! sorry…back on topic…

    It certainly is possible that, well… these blends are what they are, and are named what they are, and are evocative of “English” breed tobacco, and are not meant to be “riffs” on anything from the past or present. CM to me, in a blind taste test would never make me ask the blender if he intended to make something like EMP… but the names might.

    So, what’s in a name?

    I say, if you don’t mind the comparisons to Dunhill, or even meant for these tobaccos to be compared to the Dunhills, the names are fab, and might fit the tobaccos as well as anything ever would.

    If you just wanted to make really special, Olde World artisan tobaccos that don’t refer to other tobaccos from the past specifically in either name of flavor profile, then…Well…perhaps something less “reference evoking” would not be a bad decision.

    That’s my reasoning on this topic. I am just REALLY excited for them all, whatever they’re called. :) I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it now: My life is RICHER becuase of you sharing your talent, and the fruits of your labor with us. Thank you so much. The hours of enjoyment your tobacco blending has brought to me is priceless.

  116. K. A. Adams Says:

    OK - This one is definitely more New London than Old London but ……

    ‘ Kindle’s Bane ‘

    It’s so good one can’t focus on their reading !

    And one for really Old London: ‘ Shakespeare’s Muse ‘

    Finally, if this new blend is too relaxing it might be ‘ Sandman’s Draught ‘

  117. glpease Says:

    I’m liking a lot of what I see. Here are some other things that might inspire.

    Think of London and districts of London. However, London is implicit in the series name, so its not something that needs to be stated obviously.

    Think of evening and night - moonlight, candlelight, starry skies, mist.

    Think of one or two words - long names are not memorable, nor do they fit on labels that need to be read from across the room.

    Think of feelings - introspection, solace, comfort, relaxation.

    I hope this is as much fun for you as it is for me! Choosing the winner will probably be a real challenge…

  118. Deirdre Says:

    How about “Last Post”? It isn’t musical, but it’s a London tradition, and implies being in for the night ;-)

    I like Quiet Nights just fine, though!

  119. Dan Says:

    Greg, we will continue to try to meet your criteria.
    Trafalgar Twilight is my next effort. Again pointing us toward London where Quite Nights remains vague.

  120. Mark P Says:

    Royal Observatory - It’s in London and it’s the home of Greenwich Mean Time. Best of all: It’s best used at night while contemplating the cosmos.

  121. David O'Flaherty Says:


    1. “Stocks’s Twopennyworth”–this is from an 1844 Times of London article I have. They didn’t allow workhouse paupers to carry tobacco into workhouses, and there was a letter complaining about how one fellow named Joseph Stocks refused to be relieved of his two pennies’ worth of tobacco (and his only shilling) when he entered one workhouse. The police held him for a weekend, then he was hauled before the magistrates who imprisoned him for a month. Anyway, here is a Victorian example of how tobacco was a solace and comfort to the poor laborers we read about in Dickens. An excerpt from the letter to an editor complaining of the inhumanity of the treatment Stocks got:

    “Smoking is a consolation to them, and God knows their consolations are few enough; it reconciles them to their hard lot . . . it is a soother to which they have been long accustomed to look for relief. Where is the charity, where the humanity, where the Christianity of that law which would deprive them of their only solace in the lowest depths of poverty? . . . A pauper works and works . . . . Why strip him of his little possessions? Why wrench from his his twopennyworth of tobacco? It is his–purchased by the fruits of hard labour . . . it would lessen the load of his workhouse work, and help him to forget that he was under the surveillance of a New Poor Law.”

    So the name would indicate solace, the fruit of hard labor, a lessening of loads.

  122. David O'Flaherty Says:

    2. “Crystal Palace Concert” for London’s old Crystal Palace. You can hear a wax cylinder recording from 1888 of Handel’s “Israel in Egypt” here:

  123. Jayme Calavera Says:

    I would like to propose “Evening Song”. Hopefully it was not proposed by any before me. If so, I apologize. I tried to scan my way down the list, but quickly.

    I like this name because, for me, the last pipe of the day is like a gentle melody that carries me along, serenading me with the temptation of slumber and allowing me to slowly relax and unwind, while reflecting on the events of the day, until I am at peace and ready for bed.

  124. Matt Miller Says:

    night time or late night repose. borrowed from Dickens,many of his characters,Mr Hartwell from ‘Hard Times’ for instance settle down for a smoking repose,often before retiring for the night.

  125. Arve Schaug Says:

    Gentle Nights?
    I like the word gentle.When somthing or someone is gentle,it comforts me or make me comfortable.When I am comfortable,I relax,and when I am relaxed,I open up,and when I open up,anything can happen..
    Best wishes

  126. Satchid Kale Says:

    Gresham Nights

    Because i work in Gresham Street, City of London.

  127. rosczich Says:

    “neasden temple”
    its the biggest hindu temple outside india presenting a calming religion, reflecting freedom and understanding, like i hope, pipesmokers will do.
    each stone of this building is diffrent, as any layer of your new tobacco will be..
    so smoke in peace.

  128. David Craun Says:

    Old Nichol……a nickname for the devil….

  129. Jimbo Says:

    Quote:Some really wonderful suggestions coming through. But, some of you are ignoring the entry rules. “If you have a suggestion for the name, submit it in a comment, and tell me, in 50 words or less, why you think it’s a good name - a better name than Quiet Nights.”

    In support then of “Mayfair Evening”: continues the theme of Chelsea Morning with both a London place name and a period of the day included; Quiet Nights lacks the Old London connotation.

  130. Bruce Says:

    Revising mine from above, adding a bit more of the night theme:

    Battersea Dreams
    Whitechapel Moonlight
    Knightsbridge Slumber
    Starry Thames Reflections
    King’s Cross Shadows

  131. Frank Tehan Says:

    I very much liked the name “Quiet Nights”, but I suppose there were objections because of its connection to the song, “Corcovado”. A name which evokes a similar mood is “Twilight Hush”.

  132. Rick H. Says:

    How about Evening at London Stone? London Stone was built in 1285 and marked tidal limit of the Thames and the City of London’s jurisdiction.

  133. Andrew Says:

    I’ll add another entry in addition to candlelight above. I like it more than Quiet Nights (which I do like), because it has a little more nuance to it.


    It connotes a place of retreat, a place of solitude, a place for reflection; a place free of the worlds troubles, a place to wind down, a place to rebuild strength. It is a place, perhaps, at the bottom of a pipe.

  134. Ralph Says:

    I have two proposals:

    - King’s Cross: an almost unknown part of London, WC1. It has style, and a slight atracting decadence. It’s not posh as Chelsea, but it has style in its buldings; it’s not working-class as Brixton, but it has real people there. If a mixture has to be named here, well, why not with a name of a borough that it itself a mixture? ;-)

    - St. Pancras (or University College): you said red virginias, and I immediately saw the red bricks of the old train station of St.Pancras, lately renewed to welcome the Eurostar train that connects London and Paris. Hey, how charming is that? The London University College is aswell made in those red bricks…

    Here, my two pennies. Hope you like them!

    Ralph del Valle

  135. "Not Quiet Nights – Not Contest" new entry by G. L. Pease « About Pipe Smoking Says:

    […] Looking like, there will be some fun with that, so please if you’re interested visit Mr. Pease on […]

  136. Matt Miller Says:

    Haymarket. Long been a night time destination and the haymarket theater has been there for a couple of hundred years.Home of the old Fribourg & Treyer, off Jermyn st ex Astley’s , Dunhill and still Davidoff,a few blocks from St James street & Fox

  137. Marcin Says:

    Great non-contest, and new blend sounds delicious Greg!

    I got few more for you to consider

    First is DECADENCE: as Oscar Wilde gave a curious definition “Classicism is the subordination of the parts to the whole; decadence is the subordination of the whole to the parts.”
    Well, this is also the name for Decadent movement, so maybe not the best idea for this occasion ;)

    Second is TWILIGHT KALEIDOSCOPE. I think Quiet Nights were good name, so I’d prefer to stay with that part of the day. Description of your new blend is bringing on my mind such kaleidoscope of tastes, impressions and experiences.

    Third idea. I do believe that not much have been changed in London since ages. If you want have a good night out, you should visit that city. What about “A GOOD NIGHT OUT” then?

    I got also last idea. Please consider it Greg, if not for this time think about it with your next blend. So every time I’ve been picking up new blend I wanted to find something new, something better, something different. Have you ever asked your tobacconist “do you have completely different blend?”. I reckon the honest answer was no. So why not to create such “COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BLEND”.

    Whoever wins, this non contest was a great fun for me, and it was great to see that big brainstorming among pipe smokers!
    Good luck to all.
    with Regards,

  138. James Crittenden Says:

    Thames Fog or Serpentine Evening, both of which evoke the flavour of London evenings. In summer, punting on the serpentine, or, in the Autumn, fog that comes rolling in on the Thames. You might also consider Curzon Street , full of life on any London evening.
    With hopes that I was not meant to confine myself to one suggestion,

  139. Rob Bullington Says:

    Greg -

    I have to admit I didn’t read ALL these…I like both Vespers and Evensong, but I hope when all is said and done you will come to your senses and name it what you want to name it. It’s your creation. Nobody who’s posted above has smoked it. You have. In fact, the more I think about it, I think I’ll be angry if it comes out and it isn’t named Quiet Nights.

  140. Matt Miller Says:

    how about simply Reverie, a dickensian term to denote deep thought,in david copperfield he refers to someone in a ‘Tobacco Reverie’ or ‘Arcadian Reverie’ which fit perfectly together and also refer to a component. Moonlight Reverie, Misty Reverie.
    i will finally shut up now. Matt

  141. Mike Smith Says:

    I like “Quiet Nights”

  142. Jon Burton Says:

    “Kensington Fog”

    Sounds good. Reminds one of London. Looks like Fog. Something you see on a stroll there.

  143. frenchy Says:

    Dear GL Pease, what’s the reason for the removing of the name “Nocturne”?

  144. Yak Says:

    London Reverie. (Sorry if that’s been used — ran out of due diligence at about #43 or so)

  145. Stephen Says:

    Spirit Chaser

    Could mean a few different things…

  146. Jon Burton Says:


    I meant: “Whitechapel Fog”

    Not Kensington…I have boroughs swimming in my head now.

    But that would be good too, but, I THINK that someone has used “kensington” in a Pipe tobacco bland name..can’t remember off the top OH, its YOU!.

  147. Wayne McKay Says:

    This blend reminds me of the professional officer of the inter-war period. So, in that vein:


  148. Eric Cioe Says:

    So when do we hear the verdict?

  149. frenchy Says:

    I have one more!

    “Night Delight”.

    I think it’s explicit enough!

  150. Dr. Scott Says:

    St. Stephen’s Vespers

    Or just plain ol’ Vespers.

    St. Stephen’s was the royal church of Camelot. This time of year, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table would be saying their Holy Week prayers under a mystical cloud of smoke from the burning incense…

    Vespers is the evening prayer service. If the blend is as good as some of your others, I’ll be thanking God while smoking it during my evening prayers.

  151. Anghirrim Says:

    We are the 29 today (France time)… What a suspense, good morning Greg, and good luck to everybody!

  152. brandon marquette Says:

    I thought slumbersmoke because I thought of evening pipes of the past and then I thought of this verse,
    ” The cares of the day,
    fade away
    when you take a toke,
    from a pipe packed
    with G.L. Pease,

  153. Frank Tehan Says:

    I did submit a name, but I would like to comment on naming products, because I have had many years experience in the design and development of products. The best names come as a result of handling and working with a thing. All other names by people who are unfamiliar with a product are going to be forced and contrived. Quiet Nights came from your intimacy with the blend — it told you its name.

  154. glpease Says:

    The not-contest is now not-open. I’m going to spend some time pouring over the suggestions, and within the next couple of days will announce the results! Stay tuned!