New Blend in the Queue

15th April, 2008: Posted by glpease in General News, New Blends

I know. It’s been ages since a news item appeared. I’ve received reams of email asking, “What’s new? What’s coming? Are you dead?”

I’m happy to report that I am not dead, though I did have some version of influenza that rendered me a walking, coughing zombie for a week or so. I seem to have recovered fully, or at least am in a very profound state of delusion that allows me to believe that I have. But, since more people were interested in any new tobacco coming down the wire than in my health, or lack of it, I’ll fuel the fires of gossip with a little tidbit.

During the Northern California show in Merced, I teased and taunted people with three jars of unlabeled weeds. One was on deck to become Maltese Falcon, and its subsequent release is certainly no longer news. Another was a blend I had ever so creatively code-named Maduro Cut Cake. It was comprised of several tobaccos, including Cyprian Latakia, red virginias, orientals, and some dark cigar leaf. This mélange is pressed into cakes and cut into broken slices. See? Maduro. Cut. Cake. Very creative name.
People at the show seemed to really enjoy the blend, and many were seen filling their pouches and shopping bags with enough to “taste” in the comforts of their own smoking closets.

Never satisfied, however, I made some very delicate changes to the blend, nothing drastic. The new version is just bit better balanced, and slightly more refined. I’ve sent some samples of the new prototype out to the panel of lab rats recruited to taste the stuff, and the response has been unanimously positive. (I choose my lab rats carefully to ensure such a positive result. I’ve learned this research technique from the antis, who seem particularly well skilled at designing “scientific” methodologies that are likely to provide only the outcome they seek.)

The name of the new blend will be Key Largo, joining Maltese Falcon as the second member of the Golden Age series. Once the artwork for the labels is done, and the production details are ironed out, it will be ready for release. For the curious, I’ll have the blend with me at the Chicago show. Come by my table. If you pass the brief lab rat screening test, you’re welcome to try a bowl or two. But, I’ll be keeping an eye on those who arrive with shopping bags.