“News” Probably Going Away

7th September, 2010: Posted by glpease in Site News

I’ve been thinking that it just doesn’t really make a lot of sense to have a dedicated News (this) page in addition to the Briar & Leaf Chronicles, so I’m just going to fold content that would normally go in here into the Chronicles from now on, and mark it with a news tag. I don’t think this will impact anyone except me, who will now have one less thing to manage, which is good. For me. If it’s really not good for you, make a comment, and I may reconsider, but in the meanwhile, you’ll find newsy updates in the Chronicles. Hopefully, this will encourage me to keep everything more current.

So, when the News button disappears from the pages, those who read here will know why, and those who don’t, won’t care.


Just a Little Update

1st September, 2010: Posted by glpease in Product News

I’m working on a new blend. In fact, the production prototype is being done as I type this, and I should see samples of it early next week. It fits beautifully with Chelsea Morning and Quiet Nights as the next member of the series. It’s a little more of a straight-ahead Latakia blend - rich with orientals, and possessing a nice solid virginia backbone. It’s fuller than Chelsea Morning, but not as contemplative as Quiet Nights. I think of it as ideal before dinner, or as an all-day tobacco as autumn approaches. Lovely. I cannot wait to taste the samples!

Within the next couple days, I’m going to run a contest to name the blend, since it was so much fun last time. I’ll provide a little more information about it, and see what you creative guys come up with this time. It’ll be a real contest, with real rules, and prizes for the top five places.

Finally, you’ve probably seen that the production work is finished on the 2011 edition of the In Celebration of Briar calendar. I personally think this year’s is the best yet, and hope you like it too. I had to raise the price a little, this year, but it’s well worth it, especially considering the time, and costs that go into the production. I’d love to read your thoughts and comments, if you have any. (That’s what the “Comments” section is for, after all.)

And, watch this space for the contest announcement, along with all the rules. Dust off your thinking caps, and get ready for some fun!