Not Quiet Nights - Not Contest

22nd March, 2010: Posted by glpease in Product News, New Blends

For those who have seen the comments in the previous post, this won’t be a surprise. What might be is that I’ve also received a flurry of email over the past few months in which people have told me they weren’t excited about the name, Quiet Nights for the new blend in the Old London Series. Fine. Few have indicated why they don’t like it, but why is often hard to know in such things. Why? doesn’t really matter. (Stan Getz’s smoky sax playing and Astrud Gilberto’s sultry crooning come instantly to mind when I think of Quiet Nights, but that’s just me.)

More than one person suggested a naming contest. Not a bad idea, and if it was earlier in the process, I could do it, but it’s down to the 23rd hour, now. The new blend is going to be released very soon, and I’ve got to finish the label art so I can get it off to the printer, so that the stuff can start flying off the shelves once it’s ready. [Hopeful thoughts, mine.]

A real contest would require general announcements long in advance, so people had time to read about it, think about it, and submit their entry. There would be some sort of formal selection criteria, and a way to tabulate results, resolve conflicts in the case of multiple entries, and a ration of legal disclaimers to keep lawyers off my back in the event of someone feeling that their entry was dealt with unfairly. There would have to be formal entry requirements of some kind. And, there would have to be a guarantee of a winner. I don’t have time for all that, and, since I’ve already got an alternate name in mind, there may not be a winner. So, this can’t be a real contest.

Instead, I’ll do a Not Contest. If you have a suggestion for the name, submit it in a comment, and tell me, in 50 words or less, why you think it’s a good name - a better name than Quiet Nights. If I choose your name over my alternate, you’ll get a free tin, public acknowledgement of your creative genius, and the eternal adulation of your peers.

To help get the creative juices flowing, here’s the description of the blend.

X - rich, deep, contemplative. Ripe red virginias, fine orientals, smoky Cyprus latakia, and a pinch of Acadian perique are pressed and matured in cakes before being sliced. The sophisticated flavors and exotic aroma provide a wonderful backdrop for quiet moments of reflection, a good book, and if you are so inclined, perhaps a wee dram.

You’ve got until Sunday, 28th March, 2010, to submit your entry. How’s that?

Quiet Nights - Almost There!

10th March, 2010: Posted by glpease in New Blends

Finally, I’m done. I’ve been tasting a great many prototypes of this blend, the next to be released in the Old London Series, and have finally, finally, made the final selection. The differences were slight, but when it comes to balance, it’s the little things that count. Interestingly, the first version has come out on top as The One.

Now, I’m working on the label. I know what I’m after in terms of “feel,” and it’s starting to come through. What this all means is that within the next few weeks, I’ll be announcing the imminent release of the blend. Whoo hoo! At least for me.

But, remember. Until you read it here, it’s not there, if you know what I mean. It’s coming soon. Promise.