Cover of the Rolling Stone?

22nd October, 2009: Posted by glpease in Product News

Well, not quite. But, In Celebration of Briar did get some notice by Pipes Magazine, who did a brief piece on it. Check it out.

2010 Calendar Update

19th October, 2009: Posted by glpease in Product News, Pipe Sightings

It’s ready. It’s done. It’s put to bed, and shipped to the publisher. It’s available now! Last year, I got the thing ready way too early. This year, it’s a little late. Maybe for 2011, I’ll have it just right. You can view a preview of the photos that are included, as well as last year’s selection. I’m really happy with the final design and the photographs. There’s a bug in Lulu’s “preview” generator, so if you look at the preview on their site, the tops and bottoms of the images are cut off. Quite silly.

The calendar is 13.5″ x 19″ - quite large.  It’s printed on beautiful, heavy, coated stock. This isn’t the cheap flimsy thing that you find in the bookstores. It’s printed “on demand,” so there won’t be hundreds of copies destined for recycling after 2010 is just a memory. Yours, on the other hand, will be kept to look at year after year.  Many people frame some of the photos after the month is over to decorate their office or den walls. The price is just $35.

It takes about 7-10 days for printing and delivery, but I suggest ordering early to get a jump on the new year.

It’s been great fun putting this year’s together, and I know you’ll really enjoy it.

2010 Calendar Coming Soon

15th October, 2009: Posted by glpease in Pipe Sightings

I’ve been working on the final images for the 2010 edition of the calendar, In Celebration of Briar, and wondering what I was going to do for the cover shot. Since all the photographs inside have a horizontal composition, which works particularly well for most pipes, I always have to find something different for the cover. I’d selected a pipe that I thought would make a dandy vertical shot, and was making plans to shoot it when I got a call from my friend Adam Davidson.

“Hey, Greg. I’ve got some new stuff I’d love to show you. Can I send you some pictures?” Well, I suppose. It’s such a burden to look at pictures of beautiful pipes, but I’ll make an allowance for a friend. Right.

“Sure, Adam. Send away.” In moments, my inbox contained a few quickly snapped shots of some really interesting work, including the one pictured above, a pipe Adam calls the Serendipitous Gastropod.  I think he’d been drinking the stuff he’s supposed to clean pipes with. I was back on the phone almost instantly. “Send it. I want to shoot it.” I didn’t tell him I was considering it for the cover, and I wasn’t actually sure I was, but it sure struck me as the right pipe, what my fellow sewer rat Richard calls the “Cover Girl” for the job.

“I’ll have to ask the guy who bought it.”

Damn. It’s one of the downsides of doing this. I sometimes have to photograph pipes that I really want, but cannot have. Not so much different from shooting for certain magazines, I’m sure. You know the ones I mean. The ones with really wicked, sporty Italian cars, photographed in huge studios with massive banks of softboxes all round. What did you think I was talking about? Fortunately, the new owner agreed, and the pipe was on its way the next day.

It arrived yesterday. I was all over it. I’d already developed the concept in my head, so I took the photo and designed the cover last night, finishing up at about 2am, when I too often seem to have the necessary confluence of creativity and exhaustion that allows me to do little more than click shutters and design type, without rational thinking getting in the way. It’s a  new look from the last three years, and I’m really pleased with it.

So, now the cover’s shot, and most of the interior photos are done. I’m past my first deadline, and running dangerously up against the second one, but I’ve got some confidence I’ll actually get the production finished before the end of October.
Stay tuned. The calendar will be published, again, by Lulu Press. It’ll be the same large format (13.5″x19″) Print-on-Demand beauty they have done for the past three years. Assuming I can continue the pattern of sleeping too little and working to much, that is.

If you want to see a larger version, you can click on the picture up there. Nice blast!