I Truly DESPISE Spammers

12th November, 2008: Posted by glpease in Site News

There are no words¬† strong enough, no punishment sufficient, no fiery hole deep enough for those whose contemptable little lives are spent making other people’s on-line experience miserable; hacking websites, clogging the plaque-packed arteries, the¬† “Tangled-up Tubes” of the internet with SPAM, or flooding BLOG driven content, like this one, with nonsense comments, just to be funny. Word.

Cutting off their hands with a dulled, serrated bread knife would be kindness in comparison with the sort of torment I would choose to visit upon these infantile, narcissistic ass-hats if I was King of the World. Boiling oil comes to mind. Drawing and quartering. Keel-hauling under the hull of a ship festooneed with very large barnacles. All of the above. Read more…»