Key Largo - Shipping

11th July, 2008: Posted by glpease in Product News

I’m a bit behind the 8-ball this time. Key Largo is shipping, having already reached some of the retailers by the time anyone sees this, and I don’t even have any production tins to photograph for the formal announcement. Sure, I could use some of the prototype, or the production samples, but I’ve smoked most all of it, and the only thing remaining is some not-very-photogenic crumbs. I should have been less enthusiastic, or, I guess, less greedy. I should have shot the pictures before I smoked it all up. Maybe I can put up a picture of the beautiful, fine grey ash this leaves behind, but, somehow, I don’t think that’s quite the right image.

So, rather than stall the release until I’d gotten some tins, taken the photos, written the announcement, and all that nonsense, I figured it was better just to get it out. Besides, I’ve been getting all kinds of email from people accusing me of making this one up. “There’s really no such thing, is there? No Key Largo. You write all this stuff, but it never materializes.” I’ve promised it was coming, but they wouldn’t believe me.

Obviously, I can report that this has become a favourite for me. The other night, in fact, I was grilling some steaks and burgers for a summer evening’s supper with some friends. I was enjoying a bowl of Key Largo so much, I nearly over-cooked the steaks. This is a great blend year round, but it seems somehow especially suited for summer; we’ve had some days of record heat, and Key Largo has made them almost bearable. Almost.

As soon as I’ve got my tins, I’ll get a picture up, if I don’t smoke it all, first. In the meanwhile, I just noticed it’s already made it to the #2 position on’s Top Ten list. Where the heck are my tins?

And, by the way, for those asking about coffee mugs, they’re up and ready to go at CafĂ© Press. It makes a great pair with the Maltese Falcon mug. (And, don’t ask why they’re in different “Storefronts.” It’s ridiculous…)