O’ Mice an’ Men

17th May, 2008: Posted by glpease in Product News

Okay, the best laid schemes “gang aft a-gley.”  Just when I announced that the 8oz tins of Maltese Falcon were being readied to launch, a temporary condition occurred that prevented lift-off; we ran out of Cyprus Latakia! Scandalous! (Sorry…)

It’s not nearly as dramatic as it might sound. There’s actually a warehouse (fireproof, I’m told) full of the stuff, but the guy who keeps the key on a string round his neck had gone fishing. In Florida. He’s back, and the stuff has been shipped, and is scheduled to arrive early next week, so the hull will be bailed and the ship righting soon. In the meanwhile, might I interest you in a tin of Montgomery?

Just to make it crystal clear, and to quell the rumours that I’ve seen circulating- Maltese Falcon has NOT gone the way of the Dodo (or Bohemian Scandal). The shortage is very temporary. Honest.

Maltese Falcon Magnums…

9th May, 2008: Posted by glpease in Product News

For all who have been waiting patiently, and for those, as well, whose patience has been tested, I’m thrilled to announce that the 8oz labels have been printed, and the larger tins of Maltese Falcon will finally begin winging their way to retailers. There are already orders in the house, and they’ll be filled as quickly as possible, so watch your favourite retailers’s sites and shelves for its arrival.

The rise in popularity the Falcon has experienced is unprecedented. It’s been in the #1 position of smokingpipes.com’s Top Ten list since the first days of its release, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the response. My deepest thanks to all who have embraced this new blend with such enthusiastic arms. Of course, the 2oz tins will now have to compete with the 8oz ones. Can I hope for a One-Two punch? Yes. I can hope.