The Falcon Mugs for the Camera

29th February, 2008: Posted by glpease in Product News

It’s not really news, anymore, but, The Maltese Falcon coffee mug is here! It was just time to get it off the front page, and put it here, where it probably should have been in the first place, but I was just too excited about it not to give it some “Above the Fold” exposure.

I love the artwork that Daniel Bertalotto did for the Maltese Falcon label. It’s strong, vibrant, vital. It reflects the blend beautifully, and the deco style ties it solidly to the classic film from which this blend got its name.

I first mentioned the blend, and the genesis of the theme, in a News item way back in November of last year. It’s been quite a flight since then. There were many label ideas, some rough sketches, and even a prototype that I cobbled together that was actually pretty cool, but nothing in comparison with the final art Daniel did. It’s so striking, it seems a shame not to use it in other ways, right?

The layout for the 8oz tins, which will be coming sometime in March, was nearly perfect for wrapping around a coffee mug, something I’ve wanted to make available for quite a while, given that so many pipe smokers are also coffee-heads. After a little resizing and a little editing, I went to CafĂ© Press and created one. Mine arrived within a week of my order, and they’re really nice. The mug has a good 11oz capacity, and the arwork is beautifully displayed.

What a perfect way to, in an act of collective subversion, silently thumb our noses at the antis, proudly displaying our Maltese Falcon mugs on our desks. Okay. Maybe it’s not exactly a movement in the making, but it really is a cool mug. If you’ve missed the links embedded subliminally in the paragraphs above, not to worry. You can get yours by clicking here.

Happy International Pipe Smoking Day

20th February, 2008: Posted by glpease in Pipe & Tobacco News

That’s right, it’s the first annual IPSD, and I, for one, plan on raising a special bowl to commemorate the occasion.

Maltese Falcon Soars

5th February, 2008: Posted by glpease in New Blends

It’s been about a week since the Maltese Falcon first took flight, and I’m still in shock. The response to the release of this new blend has been remarkable. Within hours of one major retailer’s announcement of its availability, it rose to the top of the “Top Ten” list of tinned tobaccos, where it has remained. That’s a first. By Friday morning, only 62 tins of the first production run remained on our shelves.

Reviews began showing up on various forums, and they’ve been wonderful. Every day, I’ve received email from people telling me how much they’re already enjoying it. Do I have to say that I’m thrilled? Probably not, but, I do need to say thank you to everyone who has shown their support for and confidence in my efforts by buying a tin or ten.

I stated early that this was my idea of a sort-of replacement for my long lost Raven’s Wing, always one of my personal faves, and that I actually prefer the new one, finding it deeper and richer, a little more refined and sophisticated, but also more accessible, more comfortable in a way. Happily, others are reporting similar sentiments. But, more importantly, they’re smoking and enjoying the new blend, and laying down a supply to age and savour over the years to come. Enjoyment, after all, is what this whole crazy world of pipes and tobaccos is all about.