Comoy Focus Group Coming to Chicago Show

20th December, 2007: Posted by glpease in Pipe & Tobacco News

Just got a note from England that’s exciting to those who love the tradition and lore of old English pipes, and especially, those from the house of Comoy. Derek Green has been invited to put together a Comoy Focus Group for the Chicagoland pipe extravaganza next May (2008). This will be run in a similar fashion to the Charatan Focus Group put together two years ago. Anyone with three or more Comoy pipes is invited to attend. (This is a far less daunting entrance fee than five Charatans! Though I’ve noticed more than a little upward pressure on the prices of old Comoys over the past year or so, they can still offer an excellent value, especially some of the lower grades.)

Derek, fellow enthusiast and devoted scholar of the briar, has done an absolutely terrific job of assembling a lot of information about Comoy pipes on his site, including some lovely historic photographs, reproductions of old catalogues, and a fairly comprehensive dating guide. It’s well worth a visit if you’re interested in English pipes in general, and a must read if you’re a fan of Comoys.

I am looking forward to this event, and want to thank Derek for his innumerable hours of research and analysis to bring so much great information to the screens of all who collect Comoys, or who just appreciate old English wood.

Maltese Falcon - Coming in January, 2008

12th December, 2007: Posted by glpease in New Blends

If all continues to go apace, Maltese Falcon will be shipping early January. At first, it will only be available in 2oz tins, with the 8oz packaging coming after the initial release has hit the shelves. I’m quite excited about this one. Though the original intent was for this blend to serve as a replacement for my old, beloved Raven’s Wing, not available since the catastrophic loss of our wonderful vintage Syrian Latakia, Falcon actually stands on its own merits as something different, and to my mind, even better. (One early taster wrote, “The absence of Syrian Latakia is enough to make it different, but not enough to make it any less enthralling. If RW never returns, Maltese Falcon will serve as a comforting stand-in.”

On deck are a couple other interesting blends, including Maduro Cut Cake, a pressed and sliced blend containing some wonderful dark cigar leaf, and another surprise blend that is quickly approaching the final phases of development. I’ve got other things on the drawing board, too. Watch this space!