Progress Report - Embarcadero

19th June, 2007: Posted by glpease in Product News

The first production batch is out of the press, has been cut, and is smoldering in a GRC sandblast at this very moment. Lovely! This is the only tobacco the pipe has ever seen, so ’tis expressing the full experience nicely. Despite the delays, things are going well, and everything is back on track.

Now, for something completely different. Here’s Eva Gabor [link deleted -glp] doing an advert for Masterpiece tobacco. I just love the way she says, “Burley…”

Anyone know anything about this old blend?

Addendum 4th July, 07: Well, the brilliant policy makers at Google/YouTube have apparently decided that the wonderful video was in violation of their terms of service, and have removed it. One wonders, of course, if its tobacco content would be the cited cause for this violation, or if they had other reasons. It’s a shame, really, as it was a wonderful piece of tobacciana for those of us who enjoy such things. This probably would not have happened before they were purchased by google… -glp

Embarcadero Delayed

13th June, 2007: Posted by glpease in Product News

Due to production scheduling issues, Embarcadero will not be shipping until mid-July, rather than the mid-June I’d planned on. I’m starting to feel like I’m back in the computer industry, where nothing is ever on-time. I’m down to the last three or four bowls in my last tin of the prototype, so I’m as anxious as anyone. There’s something about the way it smokes during the warm weather that is almost magical.

Anyone who got one of the tins of the prototype in Chicago want to share? I’m getting desperate here. It’s not like I don’t have other tobaccos to smoke, but I sure am smitten with this one…

Still More Changes - Briar & Leaf Chronicles

8th June, 2007: Posted by glpease in Site News

I’ve converted the articles from the Briar & Leaf Chronicles to WordPress, and changed the link on the main page. I’m excited about this change, bringing the Chronicles and the News page a little more in line with modernity, and it’ll be easier to maintain. I hope you’ll find it easier, too. Link.

Now, all I have to do is make it look all pretty and stuff…

Changes to the Site

8th June, 2007: Posted by glpease in Site News

Those of you who are reading this have already sussed out that I’ve moved the news page out of the old HTML format, and into the 21st Century. Powered by WordPress, this format will make it much easier for me to maintain, and will, at last, allow RSS subscriptions. It’s about bloody time, eh? So, if you want to receive news via RSS, use the subscription button that’s somewhere “down there,” and you’re golden. Read more…»