Photographs Available

6th June, 2008: Posted by glpease in Other Products

As readers of Pipes & Tobacco Magazine have already figured out, the photographs illustrating Erwin Van Hove’s article on Will Purdy in the Summer issue were taken by moi. It was quite a treat to open the post box, and see one of my own images gracing the cover of the mag. Even my five year old was so proud of his daddy - for about two minutes. I’ll take it.

A couple of folks have asked if they could get copies of the pictures. Why not? I’ve uploaded them, along with a few others, to my ImageKind gallery. They can be had in several sizes, and can even be put on greeting cards. Matting and framing are also available. The folks at ImageKind do an excellent job. Here’s your chance to decorate your office, and show those around you that pipes are beautiful things. Neill Archer Roan wrote something about the photographs, having some really nice things to say. Thanks, Neill!

I’ll be adding to the gallery, and periodically rotating images out for new ones. If one or more of them grab you, now you can put them on your wall!